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Carpet Recycling in Vancouver

6.5 billion pounds of carpet are dumped into North American landfills each year. Metro Vancouver alone contributes 90 million pounds of carpet. We do our part to slow this flow of garbage by turning your old carpet into new flooring products, including carpet.

We work with a 100% Canadian-owned and operated company to provide recycling for your carpet and underlay.

The five steps of the carpet recycling process:

  1. Transporting used carpet to a carpet recycling processing plant
  2. Sorting carpets based on fibre type
  3. Shearing off face fibres to separate from backing
  4. Converting sheared off fibres into pure fibres
  5. Shipping fibres to other companies to be used in manufacturing

The type of fibre will determine what the carpet is turned into. Fibres from nylon carpets are used in the production of everything from bearings to toothbrush bristles to more carpet. Polypropylene fibres can be used as feedstock for other polypropylene products such as plastic pipes and patio furniture. 

For a look at the methods used to recycle carpet, see a short video clip from our largest carpet supplier Shaw Industries: Shaw Green Edge: Carpet Recycling Video

How can I recycle my carpet?

Recycling your carpet is easy. For our customers we offer free carpet recycling for all customers having their residential carpet removed during installation. During your flooring replacement, our installers will remove your unwanted carpet and take it back to our warehouse to be recycled. Quotes are available upon request for recycling of commerical broadloom or carpet tiles. If you have any questions or want to include carpet recycling in your flooring quote, please contact us for further information.

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